Meeting Demands,

Exceeding Expectations

Over the years, Texchem Food has expanded in all areas of its business to further increase processing and distribution capabilities to meet the demands of the domestic market as well as the overseas market.

Our continuous goal is to enhance the line-up of value-added seafood products in order to achieve greater profitability. Our management of food safety and hygiene is in line with stringent international regulations, and our processing facilities are HACCP and Social Audit certified.

Our Subsidiaries

A.S.K. Andaman Limited

Texchem Food (Myanmar) Limited

Texchem Marine Labutta Limited

Our vision is to be

the FIRST choice of customers.

To achieve this, we are committed:

  • To constantly transform and innovate
  • To exceed customers’ expectations by consistently delivering products, services and experiences of quality and value
  • To maintain continuous improvement, total involvement and best practices
  • To care for employees, customers, suppliers and the community in which we operate
  • To nurture career and personal development of employees

Core Values

Our business philosophy and work culture are defined by six Core Values:

Management Team

Texchem Food is led by an experienced and dedicated team of workers.