Think Seafood, Think Texchem Food

From the freshest catch, to the most technologically advanced and hygienic processing, we have got you covered from A to Z.

Texchem Food runs fully integrated seafood operations encompassing upstream and downstream activities. We have a number of seafood processing factories established in Myanmar since 2003 to process fresh seafood harvested from the Andaman Sea. Besides, we also own local seafood processing factories to process domestic seafood landings.

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Exploring new economies

With Myanmar now opening up its trade and foreign direct investment, our valuable experience and reputation as one of the earliest foreign investors in the country’s seafood industry have given us a favourable position in strengthening and expanding our seafood business.

What We Do

Our line of products

Texchem Food produces and markets a wide range of marine products including:
  • Fresh seafood
  • Frozen seafood
  • Value added seafood
  • Sashimi grade seafood
  • Surimi
  • Fishmeal
  • Dried seafood

Towards sustainable production

Texchem Food has embarked on a project to produce crablets through hatchery technology development, in collaboration with the Fisheries Research Agency of Japan and University Science Malaysia in Penang. Our latest move is conducting pre-commercial trials at the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, in collaboration with Can Tho University.
“T he ultimate objective of this endeavour is to fulfil our business strategies in sustainable seafood production and our corporate responsibility to the environment and future generations.”